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A developers retreat: Jellyfin: First Impressions

Around 2 weeks ago I ordered a DVD set for the USA Channel series Suits after watching a lot of it on Peacock (after seeing a lot of YouTube shorts of it). However after auditing my bank transactions and setting up a budget I wanted to get rid of a lot of my streaming services. This started with canceling my Hulu bundle and moving to the 7.99$ Ad Tier and removing any other streaming service I wasn't using. 


Finally! My own website. But what is this? Drupal?

Since attending PyCon 2022, I saw many different people, and speakers have their own blog where they have talked about what projects they have worked on in the last year. As I got more familiar and met more people in the Python scene the question that always kept coming up was "Do you have a blog or somewhere that you talked about this more in depth that I can look at later?" or "Is there somewhere that I can keep an eye on that isn't Twitter?"