Every year I try to attend some conferences to network with new folks in the Linux/Software Engineering scene and meet up with old faces. Whether its Python, Kafka, or Go,  I attend these conferences to hang out and find out what creative new uses people are using things, and maybe meet some new people along the way.


  • PyTexas (Austin, TX) - Not attending tutorials (Attending Conferences)

Thinking of Attending:

  • Djangocon (Durham, NC)
  • DotPy (Paris, France)


Not Attending this year:

  • PyCon 2024 (Pittsburgh, PA)  - I am not attending PyCon likely this year due to committments with college and will be focusing on Django stuff this year after becoming the Lead Dev for DonationStore. 
  • Kafaka Summit 2024 - Not attending this because I attended it last year and I'm more comfortable with Kafka. I have no reason to return at this time. 

Previous Conferences

  • Kafka Summit 2023 (London, UK)
  • PyTexas 2023 (Austin, TX)
  • PyCon 2023 (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • PyCon 2022 (Salt Lake City, UT)