This page documents projects that I have had significant involvement with, outside of occasional bug reports, or small merge requests. 

I am not currently seeking new additional projects at this time. 

Current Projects:

  • DeviantCord 4 2022-Present (Lead Developer, Close to Release)
  • Deviant-DBS and DLS 2021-Present (Lead Developer)
  • DonationStore 2022-Present (Lead Developer, Close to release)
  • ProjectPGL (Production Coordinator)

Past Projects:

  • DeviantCord 3 2021-Present( Lead Developer, Close to EOL)
  • DeviantCord 2 2019-2021 (Lead Developer)
  • DeviantCord 1 2018-2019 (Lead Developer)
  • Untitled Platformer (2021-2022, Lead Developer, Unreleased) 
  • Vales of Valtorah (2021-2022, Lead Developer, Unreleased)