Around 2 weeks ago I ordered a DVD set for the USA Channel series Suits after watching a lot of it on Peacock (after seeing a lot of YouTube shorts of it). However after auditing my bank transactions and setting up a budget I wanted to get rid of a lot of my streaming services. This started with canceling my Hulu bundle and moving to the 7.99$ Ad Tier and removing any other streaming service I wasn't using. 

I ended up spending times these past few days using MakeMKV to get the First 5 seasons on it. I'm currently going through the seasons backwards funnily enough, and I'm on Season 5. While the quality difference is noticeable on a TV, I still will be canceling Peacock.

Since retiring my old RIOT file server last year, I ended up not setting up a Plex server again. I moved from Unraid to TRUENAS and was busy. At the time I was not streaming SUITS nearly as much. When I had ripped Seasons 1-5, I had to decide what I wanted to use.

Now I did see a recent video from Linus Tech Tips regarding his thoughts on Jellyfin around its release a year ago. I had recently rewatched it when I had the thoughts of getting Plex set back up. However, I wanted to evaluate whether I could do it without having to buy a Plex Pass. So the first thing I did today was setup Jellyfin and follow some guide on the TrueNAS forum. 

The setup was very simple, and easier then I remembered with Plex. It didn't require you to setup an account externally. I didn't connect it to a Google account. 

I defined the TV Show library I had, and it was off to the races. It picked up everything (except the specials one of the shows, but I wasn't expecting it to).

However, when I went to setup my Anime library, this where it got a little confused. I had organized some of the shows by what was on TVDB, and unfortunately the number of seasons was different for the English Dub vs the Japanese Dub. Jellyfin automatically replaced the filenames so when I go to it, it ends up showing the wrong episode names. I have yet to fix it, but I suspect since TVDB is different then the other sources that Jellyfin uses, all it requires is to me to fix the directory structure. 

I have some other shows that aren't on Streaming Services or are on other streaming services that I bought the DVD instead. I may end up going back and buying the Blu ray set for it, once I can confirm I can find a good Bluray ripping setup. 

I ended up watching some of my library on the couch, and I'm satisfied with it. The devices that I want to use it on can use it without issues. I was initially planning on running both Plex and Jellyfin, however after using it for a bit I don't think that its justified to have both services running. The apps on Roku and WebOS are great. Swiftfin on iOS works great. I will probably test it on Android soon. 

I have a trip to Punta Cana and Austin around April (The week of PyTexas). So I will be definitely using it, and not have to worry about Peacocks restrictions outside of the US.